Jun 16, 2015

[FINAL] Riddles of the Past Game

10 years ago, Emily Hanson lost her memory. Now she’s unable to remember anything that happened to her before her twentieth birthday. However a chance discovery awakens her vague memories and Emily travels to the mysterious town of Riverside to search for her past in Riddles of the Past PC Game.
Unravel a tangled web of love, jealousy and crimes committed by a mad genius! Venture into Riverside, a town abandoned by humans and now populated by the unusual creations of the mad genius. Uncover the truth about the past and shed light on the reasons as to why all of the humans fled the small town in panic.
Discover the secrets of Riverside, the abandoned town without memory. Save your love and avert the catastrophe facing the doomed town!
Though Riddles of the Past is a pretty standard Hidden Object/Adventure game, it includes many nonpareil features that will twitch your attention. You have to travel across the game world of Riddles of the Past to find cheery tributes.
It's very simple to get and play Riddles of the Past game for free! Just click download button and save Riddles of the Past game to your computer. Downloading of Riddles of the Past game will takes a few minutes with fast Cable/ADSL/WiFi/3G/4G internet connection. Than install Riddles of the Past game and play during 1 hour trial period absolutely free! If you will be enjoyed by Riddles of the Past game, buy it for 2.99 $! Download, install and play this amazing Hidden Object / Puzzle / Adventure game - Riddles of the Past!

Download Riddles of the Past

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