Dec 7, 2012

Neopolis: Stolen Memory Game Download

Survive into a changed world of October 12, 2020 in Neopolis: Stolen Memory game! After Collider started to work, world changed in a blink of an eye. Before it started to work, engineers warned the directors that protections systems are unstable and test of the God's Wheel, of boson super Collider did not go as smoothy as possible. The ramrod from Parallax Industries was demanding from Chief Scientist Verne Bryan to start the Collider, so it was started. And disaster happened. Strange plants are occupied all city and turned it into ruins, you was trapped inside the train with dead bodies of other passengers after Collider disturb the space-time continuum, punching holes in the interdimensional tissue, separating parallel universes. So now it's time to start your way to freedom, to salvation in the new world, changed world of year 2020 in this hidden object puzzle adventure game!
Neopolis: Stolen Memory is the next generation game with high-quality graphics and unique sound. Neopolis: Stolen Memory design will impress all worshippers of Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure genre. Bewitching plot, full of fascinating twists, will present the real exciting challenge to all Neopolis: Stolen Memory gamers. Exciting game Neopolis: Stolen Memory was designed by the real professionals.
Neopolis: Stolen Memory has original features which set it apart from other computer games. This engaging dynamic game Neopolis: Stolen Memory is designed by top class designers and programmers. This terrific Adventure Puzzle Hidden Object exemplar has received high ratings from the gaming press all over the world.
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System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 335 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz

Neopolis: Stolen Memory Reviews,
9.68 out of 10 based on 48 ratings

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Dec 4, 2012

World Mosaics 6 Game Download

The hourglass of time has been stolen by the infamous cat burglar La Forge! Solve pictographic puzzles as you travel across the globe and through time itself. Journey through critical points in history from the Napoleonic wars to the birth of the United States. It's up to you solve the puzzles and stop La Forge in World Mosaics 6!
All eager beavers of famous casual games of Puzzle PC, Mac game genre will like this sunny World Mosaics 6 game. One thing that you will notice about this intriguing Puzzle PC, Mac game is that all of the parts of World Mosaics 6 game are pretty balanced. The tests are not too daedal and also not too toilless. Choosing World Mosaics 6 mode allows to adjust that. Start to download this zingy Puzzle PC, Mac game World Mosaics 6 for free and you will not regret it.
Maddening aims simultaneously with nicely drawn and posh graphic arts in World Mosaics 6 will mean that young ones as well as elder will entertain playing this accomplished family Puzzle PC, Mac game. Being Puzzle game, World Mosaics 6 has plenty of various puzzles with glorious graphics for your enjoyment. All worshipers of Puzzle genre must have this first-rate World Mosaics 6 game.

System requirements:
RAM: 1024 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 236 MB
Mac OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6
CPU: 1.0 GHz

World Mosaics 6 Reviews,
9.82 out of 10 based on 44 ratings

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