The hourglass of time has been stolen by the infamous cat burglar La Forge!

Find Hidden Objects in chilling scenes, pick apart puzzles, and make it to safety in White Haven Mysteries!

After getting married to the love of her life, it seems like a happy ending is right around the corner for your sister. However, all is not well.

Reveal the secret legacy of The Order of the Griffin and restore Sunward City in The Secret Order: New Horizon!

After making it to the scene of the crime, a deputy is kidnapped by a terrifying ghost house that appears out of nowhere!

From the ashes of the snow, the legendary Snow Queen rises and terrorizes nearby villages with her supernatural powers.

After growing up an orphan, a mysterious photo showing your parents arrives! On the back side of the photo is a note with the name of a town...

Stop the Knights of the Templar in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Take the role of Miss Black, a whip-smart policewoman who's out to make a name for herself, in Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer.

Take the role of a private detective hired to investigate a rash of "accidental" deaths...

You must work with lost souls to escape the dark and mysterious world that seems to have a mind and a will of its own in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Barb's submission to be a contestant on the game show; The Price is Nice! was accepted and she and her family are on their way to sunny California.

Explore a town only spoken of in legend in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and save the day.

Escape from Shady Pines and save the other patients! Explore the mysterious hospital and stop the psychotic doctor!

Set out on a 20-year journey starting from the walls of Troy to Odysseus' home on Ithaca in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.!

Solve a Ravensburger Puzzle in this amazing Puzzle game! Choose from tons of beautiful puzzle pictures featuring famous landmarks, landscapes, and artworks!

Go on Patricia’s Quest for Sun! As one of the trusted maintainers of her homeworld, Patricia has been given the responsibility of finding Sun.

Spend some time on the Fairway and take on challenging courses!

Embark on a dangerous journey with Tess, a lonely young girl, as she is transported to a world...

Solve puzzles using Caveman Physics! Roll the stone wheel to disrupt your buddy’s balance...

Take on Slingo Quest Amazon and discover the brand new HEX slingo board!

After waking up chained to the floor of a disgusting cabin, you must discover...

A small town lies devastated after being ravaged by a terrible flood...