Apr 15, 2012

Play Game Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic on PC/Mac

Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic depictionOne more game about the Titanic catastrophe.What it's about?

Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic has no connections with Monument builders: Titanic, Time Management game where your task was to build the Titanic in short terms, or with Titanic 3D film by James Cameron. It's absolutely different game with it's own story.
You can download it for Windows: Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic

So what this game about? Your playing character is hero named Charles and he is a pro-diver. With the team of explorers he went to the place where Titanic lay in it's water grave, looking for interesting evidences and souvenirs of the past. But when he entered the luxury ship, once the most beautiful and prosperous vessel in the world, something happens. Some supernatural force trapped Charles and throwing him through time, sowing the present destruction of the Titanic and it's former prosperity and beauty. You will explore decks and locations of the Titanic just before the iceberg strike and after it, when the ship started to sink. If you want to know more about Titanic structure, read Facebook page, dedicated to the game.
To see how the game is looking, watch gameplay video of Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic. If your Internet connection is slow, you can watch the screenshots below instead.
Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic depictionSoon you will find out in Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic that you are trapped inside this ship and if you want to survive you should change the fate of the people, who died her, while you're in the past. Then they won't become ghosts and won't capture you. If you will fail, if you won't be smart enough to save them all from the deadly Atlantic waters and exploding or broken mechanisms inside the ship, you will become brand new victim of the Titanic!
Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic depictionHidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic is luscious and fun Puzzle/Hidden Object/Adventure PC and Mac game. It will work with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6-10.7. Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic game is not boring at all; videosequence, beauteous mini-games during saving passengers, tops script and the whole underwater game presentation makes Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic  best game in Puzzle type. Players loses themselves in the dark and hopeless world of this Hidden Mysteries  game. During playing wonderful Return to Titanic PC, Mac game from setout to finale you will be glued to your computer. This simple but swell Hidden Mysteries - Return to Titanic  game is very hard to quit.