Jun 15, 2015

[FINAL] Deadlings Rotten Edition Game

Death is lonely. He has zero friends on his FaceTome account and no one to hang out with. So, in order to feel better he begins "Project Deadlings."

Death builds his laboratory and begins training a massive army of zombie minions. As the army of Deadlings grows, the mazes of the laboratory become deadlier, loaded with puzzles and death-defying traps in Deadlings Rotten Edition PC Game!

Different Deadlings have their own unique abilities: Bonesack is agile - he can run and jump, Creep can climb on walls and ceilings, Lazybrain treads slowly but carefully and Stencher... well Stencher has gastric problems so he can use his powerful gas clouds to fly. Combine all of these abilities to navigate through Death's Maze.

Will you be able to complete Project Deadlings and navigate through all 60+ levels? Do you have what it takes to successfully train all of your zombie minions? Find out now and help Death cure his boredom!
Deadlings Rotten Edition is a Arcade & Action game that'll fascinate you to the journey through lots of startling zones. Deadlings Rotten Edition game will generously entertain all admirers of enthralling Arcade & Action genre.
It's very simple to get and play Deadlings Rotten Edition game for free! Just click download button and save Deadlings Rotten Edition game to your computer. Downloading of Deadlings Rotten Edition game will takes a few minutes with fast Cable/ADSL/WiFi/3G/4G internet connection. Than install Deadlings Rotten Edition game and play during 1 hour trial period absolutely free! If you will be enjoyed by Deadlings Rotten Edition game, buy it for 2.99 $! Download, install and play this amazing Arcade & Action game - Deadlings Rotten Edition!

Download Deadlings Rotten Edition

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