Nov 18, 2015

[FINAL] Art Mahjong 3 Game

Art Mahjong 3 PC Game offers three exciting variants for the traditional Chinese board-game. Try Dragon-Mahjong, Dragonmaster and Classic Mahjong.

With Dragon-Mahjongg, test your speed against this fast-paced variant where time is not on your side. Especially in higher levels this offers a true challenge for all gamers. In Dragonmaster, take on a challenging artificial intelligence, the Dragonmaster himself! Or, enjoy Classic Mahjong, the well known and beloved classical version of the famous board-game.
 Art Mahjong 3 is the unmatched game. Try this lively Mahjong PC game and you will love it!
It's very simple to get and play Art Mahjong 3 game for free! Just click download button and save Art Mahjong 3 game to your computer. Downloading of Art Mahjong 3 game will takes a few minutes with fast Cable/ADSL/WiFi/3G/4G internet connection. Than install Art Mahjong 3 game and play during 1 hour trial period absolutely free! If you will be enjoyed by Art Mahjong 3 game, buy it for 2.99 $! Download, install and play this amazing Mahjong game - Art Mahjong 3!

Download Art Mahjong 3

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