Jan 3, 2012

Stone Age Cafe - PC Game

Stone Age Cafe Screen
Manage your own cafe in the Stone Age era to save your tribe from hunger and earn some tribal cash in Stone Age Cafe! The tribe’s shaman has foretold Chuchii’s destiny: she’s going to become the tribe’s cook! What she doesn’t know is that a great cook can not only save the day, but change a whole tribe’s fate! Run the Stone Age Cafe and save Chuchii’s entire tribe in this incredible Time Management game!

  1. Fulfill Chuchii's destiny
  2. Feed the tribesmen!
  3. Manage the Stone Age Cafe
Before you fascinate yourself in goluptious PC game Stone Age Cafe, you just need to do one additional thing. Let your friends know you will be unavailable for an hour or more while playing this tony striking PC game Stone Age Cafe! And the main Stone Age Cafe process of playing is easy, it gets you travel from some localities to others and collect red-blooded trophies and interact with them and do additional of that. And as you do that in Stone Age Cafe, you also come across different enigmas. All buffs of Time Management genre must have this festal game. 
Stone Age Cafe Screen 3
During your subsistence you tried lots of hunky-dory Time Management PC games. Some of Time Management PC games were really amazing, others - no. Stone Age Cafe - is perfect. Stone Age Cafe involves the best gamereality, thrilling configuration, pleasing chime and thrilling story. Try Stone Age Cafe and you wont need any other Time Management PC games. Being the Time Management game, it has lots of other puzzles with charming videosequence for your rejoicing Download Stone Age Cafe right now and get qualitative Time Management PC game!