Nov 29, 2011

World Riddles: Animals - Full Mac Game

World Riddles: Animals screenshot
Collect the prestigious Animal World Expert Medallion traveling around the world and solving puzzles in World Riddles: Animals! Visit the seven continents in the fantastic story mode and complete an incredible journey. Explore the world of animals in this fun and fast-paced Puzzle game, and complete awesome minigames as quickly as you can. Beat all the records in World Riddles: Animals!
System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.4
HDD: 30 MB
CPU: 800 Mhz
File Size: ng Download Now will start
the download onto your computer)
(25.19 MB
RAM: 256 MB
World Riddles: Animals, new tremendous Mac game, has been designed by top-class games designers. World Riddles: Animals is one more proof that Puzzle casual games are getting more emotive and serious but still remain usable and memorable. In World Riddles: Animals, you're to become the part of catching game chapter and create it yourself. All in World Riddles: Animals - tuneful music, usable process of playing and lambent visuals - will be unpredictable and sunny for all buffs of Puzzle Mac game genre.
World Riddles: Animals screenshot 2
New fine Mac game World Riddles: Animals has been designed by high-class Puzzle game authors. The recherche drawing, gentle music tracks and comfy game play in gorgeous World Riddles: Animals Mac game will be nicely undreamed-of for all admirers of timeless Puzzle genre. This is basically all you need to know about World Riddles: Animals Mac game before you take a header into joyful Puzzle game play. World Riddles: Animals is another unbelievable tale that admirers are to write (or play through) themselves. Good luck!
World Riddles: Animals screenshot 3
World Riddles: Animals screenshot 1
  1. Fascinating minigames
  2. Perplexing puzzles
  3. Explore the world of animals!

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