Nov 8, 2011

Burn the Rope - Download Game

Burn the Rope screenshot
Feed the fire to Burn the Rope and progress through different levels in this perplexing Puzzle game! Plan ahead and plot your moves carefully to proceed. Keep the flame alive by expertly guiding its path and using the special abilities of different bugs. With mesmerizing fire effects and gorgeous graphics, Burn the Rope will have you intrigued for hours and hours! Can you master the flames and solve the countless puzzles?
System requirements:
Hard Drive: 38 MB
Mac OS: 10.5
RAM: 256 MB
Burn the Rope screenshot 1
New original Mac game Burn the Rope has been designed by high-class Puzzle game programmers. The the best videosequence, tuneful sound effects and handy game play in gorgeous Burn the Rope Mac game will be nicely snap for all lovers of timeless Puzzle genre. This is basically all you need to know about Burn the Rope Mac game before you take a header into gleeful Puzzle game play. Burn the Rope is another stylish tale that lovers are to write (or play through) themselves. Good luck!
Burn the Rope screenshot 2
Casual games, like Burn the Rope, are those whizzbang Mac games which followers of Puzzle games play occasionally, from time to time or whenever they have some time to spent. Though Burn the Rope is a pretty standard Puzzle game, there are a lot of fairy features that will pull your attention. In Burn the Rope you don't miss a chance to make the galaxy beautiful and thus best ever! So Burn the Rope is one of the most topnotch Mac games of Puzzle genre and you will never regret the part of your existence spent on this Mac game Burn the Rope.
Burn the Rope screenshot 3
  1. Feed the fire
  2. Use special bugs
  3. Make sure to Burn the Rope!

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