Oct 3, 2011

Snackjack - PC/Mac Game Free Download

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Master the game of Snackjack and help keep your prize pig fed before he decides to run away for good! Each black jack hand will help your pig grow and win even more awards! Earn bonus points for straights and 5-card charlies as you progress through as many vendor stands as you can. Raise a champion swine, then build a home for your best pigs at Sleepy Wallow farm in Snackjack!
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Snackjack Mac game continues ripping traditions of classical games of Card & Board genre. Snackjack has not only challenging riddles but also immersive design. As Snackjack Mac game follows, it gets slightly challenging. But Snackjack has not only challenging riddles but also immersive design. Unique relaxing descant, alluring landscapes and bogging game interaction in Snackjack Mac game combined to plunge you in the reality of immersive divertissement and danger.

System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.4
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 42 MB

All adherents of cool Card & Board Mac game genre will love this stunningly elegant Snackjack game. A large percentage of Snackjack whereabouts feature typical Card & Board mechanics. But in Snackjack the Card & Board mechanics is especially tricky and sprightly. Backgrounds of Snackjack whereabouts is no longer steady pictures, but has animated elements! Snackjack toilless game play, tender sounding and pretty drawing will be particularly appreciated by Johnny Raws and versed players.

  1. Master Snackjack!
  2. Gripping gameplay
  3. Fantastic bonuses
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