Oct 17, 2011

Download Mac Game: Mad Caps

Mad Caps Picture
The same crazy geniuses who brought you Chainz offer you the latest in maddeningly addictive entertainment. Mad Caps is a thrilling puzzle game gone completely MAD! Zap the bottle caps with ray guns, target them with rockets, or let aliens transform them. Send them flying as you guzzle soda, collect letters to spell mystery words and watch out for "under-the-cap" bonuses. Let Mad Caps quench your thirst for fun. Download today!
  1. Zap caps with ray guns.
  2. Target caps with rockets.
  3. Watch for under-the-cap bonuses.
Professional games authors using the latest technologies are now creating super-duper Mac games, like Mad Caps. We can say that Mad Caps with its adorable atmosphere of fabulous magic reality, its adorable note and pictures is one of the most unmatched Puzzle games, you have ever played. As for the configuration, Mad Caps is adorable and cushy. Even the most demanding gamers will have fun with Mad Caps Mac game. We can boldly say that the new Mac game Mad Caps is a real Puzzle Mac games masterpiece!
Mad Caps Picture 1
Legendary and bogging script, astounding rendering, surpassing and tuneful melody, plenty of cute Puzzle placings are just parts of the admirable Mad Caps game Realm waiting for you. Apparently, casual game followers are missing some element of tests and shocking in their existence, this is why they welcome the games like Mad Caps. The eximious colophon of Mad Caps Mac game - it is something bang-on you never seen before.
Mad Caps Picture 2
System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.4
Hard Drive: 13 MB
RAM: 256 MB
Mad Caps Picture 3

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