Sep 18, 2011

Rescue Team | [FINAL]

Download: Rescue Team | [FINAL]
Rescue Team | [FINAL]
Control the rescue workers who rebuild three islands in the wake of devastating weather! Remove debris to free trapped workers in Rescue Team! Repair damaged restaurants, houses, and sawmills to produce necessary resources. Race against the clock to collect gems, put out fires, and save stranded swimmers! Rescue Team is fun, gripping, and unlike any other game you've played!

Rescue Team - Mac screen 3
Even before its official release Rescue Team game become popular. Gamers and enthusiasts all over the world have been longingly awaiting this elegant Time Management game since Rescue Team was first announced. Rescue Team is a break for all Time Management game genre enthusiasts. Puzzles of all kinds are lay ahead of you as you start playing this lovely Rescue Team game. So we are proud to present the newest attractive game, Rescue Team! Play this copacetic Time Management game and relish!
Rescue Team - Mac screen 2


- Awesome bonuses

- Unique minigames

- Rebuild three islands!

Rescue Team - Mac screen 1

System requirements:

Mac OS: 10.5


RAM: 512 MB

Hard Drive: 51 Mb

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