Sep 5, 2011

Paper Munchers - Complete Mac Game

Paper Munchers - Complete Mac Game
Download page: Paper Munchers - Complete Mac Game
The Paper Munchers are hungry! Feed the cute, but annoying, monsters to the Paper Munchers and make sure they’re fed! Use an arsenal of bombs to launch the delicious little critters into the waiting jaws of the starving creatures in this unique Puzzle game. Clear each level to take on a brand new challenge.


- Gripping gameplay

- Challenging puzzles

- Feed the Paper Munchers!

Paper Munchers - Mac Picture 2
Paper Munchers - Mac Picture 1
Players all over the macrocosm have been insatiably awaiting Paper Munchers Mac game since it was first announced because ravishing Paper Munchers game has been popular even before it's official release. Paper Munchers pictures are really beauteous. It all gives the appropriate ambiance to Paper Munchers Mac game. So meet this festive conquering Mac game, Paper Munchers! If you cannot imagine your being without alluring Puzzle Mac games - Paper Munchers is what you need!
Paper Munchers - Mac Picture 3

System requirements:

Mac OS: 10.6


RAM: 256 MB

Hard Drive: 29 Mb

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