Sep 1, 2011

Nicktoons: Hoverzone - Download PC Game

Nicktoons: Hoverzone - Download PC Game
Download page: Nicktoons: Hoverzone - Download PC Game

Join SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, Patrick and your favorite Nicktoons heroes in the HoverZone as they struggle to save the world. Battle your way through level after level of traps, puzzles and enemies while collecting coins along the way.

- Switch charaters on the fly.

- Battle enemies through 60 levels!

- Traps, coins and puzzles!

Filesize: 22.52 Mb

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

CPU: 1.0 GHz

DirectX: 7.0

Hard Drive: 35 Mb
Nicktoons: Hoverzone Screen 1
Nicktoons: Hoverzone Screen 2
Nicktoons: Hoverzone Screen 3

During your time you tried a lot of dainty Arcade & Action PC games. Some of Arcade & Action PC games were really flawless, others – no. Nicktoons: Hoverzone – is perfect. Nicktoons: Hoverzone contain aglitter gamekingdom, distingue gaming, encouraging sounds and thrilling chapter. Try Nicktoons: Hoverzone and you wont need any other Arcade & Action PC games. Being the Arcade & Action game, it has a lot of other puzzles with superb video sequence for your holiday Download Nicktoons: Hoverzone right now and get qualitative Arcade & Action PC game!
Download page: Nicktoons: Hoverzone - Download PC Game

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