Sep 13, 2011

NagiQ - Mac Game Final version

Download page: NagiQ - Mac Game Final version
NagiQ - Mac Game Final version
After Naqi accidentally hits an old book with his soccer ball, it’s up to him to recover the mystic letters! Come up with words that use the mystic letters in NaqiQ to succeed. Master this tricky Word game and return the mysterious book to its former place before it’s too late! Travel to different islands and master the different rules while getting the highest score you can!


- Unique gameplay

- Exciting action

- Recover the mystic letters!

NagiQ - Mac depiction 2
NagiQ - Mac depiction 1
NagiQ is featured, enchanting Mac game with tons of rattling maps, involute missions and even more bonuses. All novices who just met the universe of casual Mac games will undoubtedly like NagiQ game, as well as veterans of this peerless genre. The depictions in this NagiQ game is canty - like day and night, high-quality overcast sky clouds, neat light and shadow, peerless wind and rain, this aglitter depictions will not leave anyone unconcerned.

System requirements:

Mac OS: 10.4

CPU: 800 Mhz

RAM: 256 MB

Hard Drive: 37 Mb

NagiQ - Mac depiction 3

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