May 23, 2011

Escape from Thunder Island - Mac/PC game free download

Escape from Thunder Island depiction
Join the more-brave-than-brilliant aviatrix Rita James on a quest to rescue her kidnapped father in Escape from Thunder Island! Rita and her small crew land on the dangerous island city of Zenadoo, a place filled with jungle killers, flesh-eating monsters and never-before-seen bloodthirsty beasts of the Underworld! Take on this Hidden Object Adventure game and save Rita’s father!
Escape from Thunder Island will be liked by all fans of Hidden Object genre. You will plunge into lots of charming levels of Escape from Thunder Island. You will be shocked and fascinated by Escape from Thunder Island’s amazing finale. Perfect graphics, charming plot and high quality music – all this will be found in engaging game Escape from Thunder Island.
We guarantee that Escape from Thunder Island game is fully tested and contains no adware, spyware, viruses, so you can and enjoy all advantages of Hidden Object PC games. Escape from Thunder Island game is free, to download the game you only need to click ‘Download’ and after a while you will enjoy this superb PC game. So you can start to download it now and enjoy all the delights of Hidden Object PC games.

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Escape from Thunder Island - Mac Game Free Download

Escape from Thunder Island - PC game free download